Sass.js Worker Console

This document loads the worker Sass.js. Please open your browser's DevTools to use the API.

Try the following example:

// when loading the worker api via script[src$="/sass.js"] it's a safe bet the worker
// will be found relative to that file. In any other case you'd have to define where
// the worker is located before initializing Sass:
// Sass.setWorkerUrl('dist/sass.worker.js');
var sass = new Sass();

sass.writeFile('testfile.scss', '@import "sub/deeptest";\n.testfile { content: "loaded"; }', function() {
  console.log('wrote "testfile.scss"');
sass.writeFile('sub/deeptest.scss', '.deeptest { content: "loaded"; }', function() {
  console.log('wrote "sub/deeptest.scss"');
sass.options({ style: }, function(result) {
  console.log("set options");
sass.compile('@import "testfile";', function(result) {
  console.log("compiled", result.text);