$.browserEvent() POC

Registered Windows


What this is

Since tabbed browsing took over, many people have begun to open the same website in multiple tabs. This is especially true for web-applications and tools you work with every day (e.g. PhpMyAdmin, issue trackers, wikis, …). Often enough you do something in one tab, switch to another and have to reload, because that modified item of the first tab was not modified in the second tab as well. Duh!

$.browserEvent() aims to fill the gap in communicating in between windows. It offers an API with which you cann easily send events to other windows displaying the same website. $.browserEvent() accomplishes this by utilizing the localStorage (or some fallback). Even some sort of locking mechanism has been implemented on top of localStorage to minize race conditions.

Why is this only a Proof Of Concept

Currently a lot of CPU power goes down the drain. Mostly because of frequent polling and massive JSON de/serialization. To make $.browserEvent() succeed in the field, some improvements have to made on this end. With 10 registered windows, Firefox 3.6 eats 20% of my CPU.

How you can help

Point me in the right direction(s) to reduce CPU consumption.

Will this be OpenSource?

Yes. Once it's done, I'll release it under the MIT license.